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Field Intell Smart Monitoring Solutions | Industries | Agriculture detailing how Field Intell helps protect critical assets and boost yields while maintaining output quality with smart agriculture
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Smart-Agri helps protect your critical assets in the field and boost yields while maintaining output quality

Farming is now high-tech and your growers are rapidly adopting IoT solutions that help them improve yield and quality while cutting their energy and water usage. Smart-enabling your crop or live-stock operations is not just about transforming data into insights, but building a business model that takes advantage of smart-automation, real-time monitoring, precision farming, and environmentally safe pest control.  We know that the agricultural sector runs on volume, tight margins, and under strict regulatory pressures, so squeezing every bit of productivity out of your assets and workflows is paramount. Our IoT smart-devices are ruggedized to withstand the harshest environment and designed to monitor, manage, and monetize a broad range of mobile or fixed machinery. We enable you to digitally transform your operations by smart-enabling your vehicles, irrigators, sorters, harvesters, loaders and other stationary equipment assets.

  • Maintain your equipment using predictive analytics and real-time monitoring that track hours-of-operation
  • Increase production by optimizing activities including planting, watering, pesticide application, and harvesting
  • Conserve water with analytics that factor in weather forecast data and real-time soil moisture sensor readings

  • Uncover insights, visualize production levels, and improve decision making with real-time environmental monitoring
  • Lower costs, consumption, and human error by automating planting, treatment, and harvesting functions
  • Reduce your environmental footprint while increasing yield with on-demand water usage, proactive pest control