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Smart-Infrastructure helps your customers keep the gas pumping, the lights on, and the water flowing.

Keep your CAPEX down and get more out of your existing infrastructure. Smart-enabling and connecting your industrial equipment to the cloud helps you to increase the capacity, efficiency, reliability and resilience of your total operation. Plus, improving performance enables you to avoid costly downtime, reduce maintenance overhead, helping keep OPEX at bay. Our smart-devices are purpose-built around your industry and equipment needs and engineered from the ground-up to work with pumps, filters, valve bodies, pipe-lines and many other infrastructure assets, on a massive and industrial scale.

  • Injecting intelligence into your operation, and connecting legacy equipment to the cloud, helps enhance demand forecasting
  • Extending the service life of critical new infrastructure helps smart-cities scale population growth and keep costs down
  • Offering better whole-life value means greener operations, a lower energy footprint, and cleaner air and water