Our Vision | Field Intell | Network Innovation Group
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Our Vision

FieldIntell was founded on the principles of simplicity, smarts, and sustainability. Our Smart Monitoring Platform leverages next-gen IoT, wireless, and cloud technologies, purpose-built on Industry 4.0 best-practices.  At Field Intell, we view technology as the means (not the end) to solving real-world business challenges and, when properly utilized, it has the ability to unlock value, profitability and growth. So rather than technology providers, we think of ourselves as solution providers who understand technology’s role for what it is: enablement.


Field Intell is all about building smart sustainable solutions that enable you to digitally transform your operations, from edge-to-cloud. We take a holistic approach that leverages smart technologies across each point of the value-chain, freeing you to focus on core-competencies and generating real-world value.