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Field Intell Smart Monitoring Solutions is an end-to-end cloud platform for managing and optimizing logistics and highly distributed-asset ecosystems. Field Intell’s value-prop centers on sustainable, industry-centric solutions purpose-built for a complex and fast moving world. Our smart mesh of IoT-enabled devices work in concert to upstream critical edge-data directly to the cloud. Customers have the option to channel IoT metrics directly to their own data-centers, or take advantage of our purposeful SaaS cloud.


We make it easy to connect, collect, and control information from your equipment assets, anytime and from any location. No matter how large, varied or complex, our industry-centric solutions scale to any ecosystem. This proactive design philosophy also extends to powerful cloud analytics and an intuitive user-experience designed to help our customers uncover deep operational insights synergistically, across the following four value-added service areas:

No-Brainer Connectivity

We give you ubiquitous access to robust cellular and satellite communications, optimized to transmit metrics using intelligent store-and-forward routines. Now you can access your information cost-effectively, when and where you need it.


Streamlined Data

We don’t gather data just for the sake of it. We use pre-defined metrics specifically designed using relevant industry measures to help you analyze and control your equipment assets. This quality-in-quality-out approach ensures information is relevant and timely.

Deep Analytics

Our cloud analytics is where we scrub and normalize streams of inbound metrics for relevance. Then, we make sense of it all by applying powerful AI algorithms engineered to uncover hidden opportunities, issues, and trends from your IoT data-lakes.


Purpose-Built Any Device Apps

Our user interfaces are designed to offer a rich and compelling user-experience (UX) via smartphone or the web. Our visual aids enable you to see that results of powerful number crunching in a simplified and interactive way. By first asking: “What do our customers want to know and how is this knowledge value-added?” we were able to design a UX using the industry terminology, KPIs, and reports relevant to you.

Your Smart Mobile App

Welcome to our Smart App, a free, mobile experience that puts powerful anywhere, any time remote monitoring solutions in the palm of your hand.



Industry Requirements, Simplified

Regardless of industry, we offer seamless, hassle-free integration options that empower you with the actionable information and insights you need to make smart decisions. Our solutions are engineered to be highly interoperable, extensible, scalable and perfectly capable of addressing the complex needs of your vertical industry and use-case. The result is a cost-effective and streamlined integration process that significantly shortens time-to-value. And with flexible licensing options available, we can engineer solutions that meet virtually any OEM, regional, or technical requirement.


Our Smart Monitoring Solutions deliver immediate and sustained ROI, enabling you to easily gather, compile, analyze, and transform edge-data from a broad range of remote equipment assets.

Asset Tracking Mapping and Geofencing

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Industry-Centric Analytics and AI

Streamlined UI and a Purpose-built UX

Anywhere, Any Time, Global Coverage

Over-the-Air Troubleshooting, Configs and Updates

Live Dashboard, Alerts and Notifications

End-to-End Encryption, Hardening and Security